How to Stop annoying robocalls and spam calls?

A phone call made by an automated computer system can be considered to be a robocall. The calls are meant to deliver a specific message and these messages play automatically once an individual receives the call. These calls tend to become annoying when they come repetitively. A robocall may play any kind of pre-recorded audio such as political message, insurance policies, sales call, appointment reminder, or solicit you to pay money in charity and so on. This can easily be dealt with the support of Avast Customer service.

Some institutions such as schools, offices, doctors, and airlines use these robocalls to remind individuals about certain specific work. We can consider these calls to be spam calls as they are helping us in some way or the other. The purpose of these calls is just to remind people of delayed flights, your kid’s absence from school, etc. which can be helpful in many ways.

robocalls and spam calls

We can count calls from fake companies to buy their policies as spam calls. These calls lure people into joining them to earn money. People are asked to share their account credentials, which makes way for them to hack their accounts and withdraw a large sum of money from these accounts.

But there is a way out of every problem and there are so many things you can do to avoid these robocalls.

Some helpful tips to avoid the issue

  • You are advised not to answer calls from unrecognized numbers even if the number seems to be known.
  • Make elder family members aware of these calls as they may be more vulnerable than youngsters.
  • Do not come into the trap of fake calls even if they tell you that they are persons from government agencies.
  • If you are seeking assistance for any of the product related issues, dial the number given on the official website or the product bill. Do not dial the number provided to you by the fake caller or fake website.
  • Do not hold up with scam callers if you have a little idea about the call being false.
  • Do not push any button during such type of call, as it may provide them with all your crucial information needed to hack your bank account.
  • Scammers know all the tricks and tactics to make a call seem legitimate. Be aware and inform your family members about such calls well in advance.
  • Never ever provide your financial details to any caller.
  • Do not buy gift cards from any unknown sources.

Some tools to deal with the issue

  • Wireless carriers are proving to be of great help in this case. You can ask your company for such tools to avoid scam calls as they address you well in advance about the details of the caller.
  • With Avast Mobile Security, a free antivirus solution provided by Avast customer service for Android users, you can block irritating and annoying spam calls.
  • US consumers are provided with the facility to complain about spam calls with FCC.

Winding up-

You are recommended to deal seriously with spam calls as they may lead you to unavoidable circumstances. Always update your phone with a mobile security solution. Mobile security solutions tend to be of great help in case of robocalls and spam calls. Avast support is available to provide you with guided-solutions to your every problem.

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