How Avast Cleanup Premium fix issues of your device?

Avast started a Cleanup Premium is computer optimization tool scans the device automatically to find the issues taking place. It helps to find the issues that are slowing down the performance of your gadget. Also allows you to dissolve the selected issues.


The people who are using Avast Cleanup Premium for the first time then click ‘Scan Now’ for the complete protection of your PC. If you face any problem then you can take customer support from the official site of Avast where you will find Avast Customer service option.

Below are the options for the maintenance of your Cleanup premium:

Maintenance is an option, which helps you to get rid of problems of your device. It scans and detects the issues to resolve it. To perform maintenance scan follow the steps below:

  1. Click ‘Maintenance’ on your Cleanup premium screen
  2. After the scanning process, you will get an option to choose the categories you want to scan or fix.
  3. Choose fix and clean option.
  4. Now click on ‘done’.

To resolve or fix the issues found there is an option of ‘Fix Problems’ which will help you to fix the issues. Below are the steps how to resolve the issues with the help of ‘Fix Problems’ option. In case you want to know more about it, then you can choose Avast support option on its official site.

Steps to fix the problems

  1. Click on ‘Fix Problems’ option displayed on Cleanup premium.
  2. After the scan complete, you will get a green button on your screen
  3. Now click on the green button to resolve the issue otherwise click ‘ignore’ to remove the issue.
  4. Close the window after the completion of the steps.

By following these steps, you can easily fix the issues found in your device.

To access manage your Cleanup Premium settings, click on the icon on the right side of the settings. For more information take the help of Avast customer service or choose Avast support.

Below are the steps for the basic Cleanup premium settings:

  1. Change the language of the Cleanup Premium as per your requirement
  2. Manage the issues which Cleanup Premium notifies you about
  3. Specify the items which you want Cleanup Premium to back up
  4. Review your subscription details regularly
  5. Enable or disable troubleshooting options
  6. Also keep your automatic update ‘enabled’

These are the reasons why cleanup premium launched and how it fix the issues. If you need any more help then you can visit on the official site where you can choose either Avast Customer service support or Avast support.

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