Extend your Android’s battery life with Avast Battery Saver

If you want to have a good battery backup, then Avast brings you the perfect solution. Avast Battery Saver is one of the most trusted battery saver in its category. You can download Avast Battery Saver from Google Play Store. Many of you might have trusted Avast blindly, but that does not stop, the brand from doing constant improvements on the app’s look, feel and fixing bugs. In total, you always have the best experience possible with Avast.

Avast Battery Saver

Moreover, With Avast you can stay unplugged for up to 20% longer. You just need one tap, which will stop your applications, will speed up your operating device and will extend your device’s battery life. The company also provides avast support, which is a customer support team available 24*7, in case you face issues with Avast battery.

You can avail Avast customer service, through the toll –free number available on the official website.

Why you should trust Avast Battery Saver?

Avast Battery Saver extends your battery life by stopping applications that you are not using and optimizing your device settings. Avast updates its applications and products according to the changing environment. The new Avast Battery Saver 2.0 is much easier to access and much more powerful than ever, it allows you to stop applications with just one tap, speeds up your device and provides an advanced battery backup to your device.

You can squeeze up to 20% more life from your device’s battery by stopping apps that run in the background and drain out the battery. Just don’t let your phone ran out of the battery.

With avast support, you can see how many applications you have running in the background and get regular, accurate estimation of how much time you are left with, on your device’s battery.

How can you use Avast Battery Saver?

  • You have to open Avast Battery Saver and click on “Stop Apps” option to boost your phone’s performance immediately.
  • Thanks to the Avast support application, your device is having a feature of adaptive energy estimate. By this, you will know how much battery is left in your device.
  • You have to activate the pre-configured profiles, in order to optimize your phone’s settings to suit your environment.
  • You have to plan when you will need to charge your phone based on your phone usage.

How you can use Avast Battery Saver so that it gives you complete control over your device?

  1. You have to Choose from 5 profiles: Smart, Home, Work, Night, and Emergency
  2. You must use an adaptive Smart Profile to let the Avast support application to adjust your phone’s settings according to your regular usage.
  3. Get alerts to switch to a different profile

4 You can easily switch between profiles and manage them inside the application.

Concluding this, Avast is the most trusted antivirus, and have built a trust relationship with more than 230 million people around the globe for protection and premium battery backup solution.

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